How to compost food at home ?

Bokashi is an anaerobic composting system, usually made up of two bins which are each roughly the size of a waste paper basket. It uses a special inoculated bran to ferment kitchen waste into a rich liquid compost for your plants. Each time you add a layer of waste, sprinkle it with bran, flatten it down and leave it alone, it might smell a bit pickly when you take the lid off, otherwise it shouldn’t bother you, if it does then something has gone wrong. Occasionally you’ll need to drain off the juice it produces, but that’s it.

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2 x 27L Flat Lid Bokashi Compost Bins
Integrated Tap, Drainage Tray & Lid included
2kg of Bokashi Bran included

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What can you put into the bokashi system?

  • Raw food waste – peelings, vegetable cores, fruit peel
  • Cooked food including meat and bones
  • Cheese
  • Onions, garlic, chilli
  • Citrus peelings
  • Fat and oil

The benefits of having a bokashi system

  • Its compact size – you don’t need a huge garden.
  • It can be kept indoors, surprisingly, the bokashi doesn’t smell when the lid is on. At most you might get a slight pickle-esque smell when the bins are close to full.
  • Make your own compost – once your bin is filled, make sure its lid is secure and leave it for at least five weeks to work its pickling magic. After that, neutralise the acid by sprinkling with garden lime, then dig the contents into your garden soil.